August 28th 2017Reality Clash is the world’s first augmented reality (AR) combat game that uses blockchain technology for iPhone and Andriod. Taking its lead from Ingress and Pokemon Go, Reality Clash will transform familiar places into battle fields and the people around you into either allies or enemies. RCC tokens are the in-game currency of Reality Clash. RCC Gold tokens are limited edition tokens available in the crowd sale allowing you to take control of exclusive ERC-20 weaponry for in-game use or to trade on The Reality Clash platform or secondary market.

Reality Clash will use the phone’s camera to render an AR view of the world on-screen, with geolocation technology inviting players to enter face-to-face combat with each other in real time. RCC Gold saves approximately 70% off the regular purchase price of RCC, which are guaranteed to be available on the iPhone and Google+ app stores at $1 per coin when the game launches in Q3 2018. Exclusive, limited edition weaponry and RCC Gold coins can be traded on the primary platform.

reality clash token RCC

The Reality Clash token sale will officially open tomorrow, August 29th 2017 at 17:00 UTC and will run for 30 days. This features a 50% RCC bonus for the first tier of the public token sale!

For more informations visit the Reality Clash website.

Read their whitepaper and watch their ICO video.

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