August 29, 2017TechCrunch recently published an article written by Editor-at-Large Mike Butcher, regarding the future of the transport ecosystem. Butcher discusses the need for new technology to disrupt the transport ecosystem, he suggests blockchain may be the answer, more specifically DOVU. The article suggests that even though the large volume of token sales and start ups that aim to address the issue at hand, DOVU stands out amongst competitors due being ‘well-connected’ in the transport sector. DOVU received seed funding and backing from InMotion Ventures, the investment platform attributed to Jaguar Land Rover and Creative England, a back-fund by the Government of the United Kingdom.

Read the full TechCrunch article Here

DOVU have announced their public token sale, scheduled for October 3rd 2017, with their pre-sale set for September 3rd 2017.

For more information visit their website

To read their whitepaper and for crowdsale information visit here

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